Setet (also spelled Satet, Sathit, Sati, Satis, Satit, Setis) was the archer goddess of the Nile cataracts and the patron of the inundation of the Nile. Setet was depicted as a woman carrying water jars and wearing a star on her head. It was believed that she caused the annual inundation of the Nile, as she was known to pour out water from her jar(s) into the river. Setet was also linked to the the Dog Star (also known as Siruis A), because the yearly inundation occurred around the same period as the rising of said star. The inundation was also referred to as the night of the teardrop, as each year, Isis would shed a tear, which Setet would catch with her jar(s), and would then pour into the river Nile.

Setet was also associated with Setet island (also called Sehel island) and its surrounding areas. Apart from being the archer goddess and goddess of inundation, she was also known as a fertility goddess (because of her being a water goddess), a goddess who used her water to purify the dead, and a goddess of the hunt (armed with her bow and arrows, she was believed to protect Egypt and the pharaoh). Setet was actually also worshipped as an antelope goddess, and as such, she was usually shown wearing a pair of antelope horns with the crown of the south on her head. There are some images of her carrying her bow and arrows, as well as the ankh symbol and scepter.